Professor Mike Neary

The Annual Postgraduate Student Conference, now in its seventh year, is a celebration of the spirit of research and essence of research. The essential character of research has been described as the discovery of something unknown through the methods of experimental science; as well as the application of this new knowledge for the benefit of humanity and the natural world.

This conference will include discoveries being made and applied by postgraduate research students at the University of Lincoln, as well as the ways in which these discoveries are represented and critiqued through the arts and humanities.

The conference seeks to demonstrate that the spirit of research is not the preserve of any particular subject or discipline, but is what all researchers share in common and constitutes what is essential about higher education, ‘the idea of the University’.

Postgraduate refers to all postgraduate students, including Masters Taught and Research as well as Professional Doctorates and PhDs. All staff, including professional and support staff are welcome, as are undergraduate students.

This year’s conference is taking place on Thursday, April 18th at the Riseholme Park Conference Centre within the Riseholme Park Campus. The day will run from 9:00 am until 5:00pm, with registration open from 08:30 am. Transport to and from the conference will be provided from the Brayford Campus.

The morning will consist of a keynote talk by Lincoln’s new Distinguished Professor Stephen McKay, followed by presentations of students research. Following lunch there will be a networking opportunity for all delegates in addition to a poster session. The afternoon sessions are made up of workshops dealing with matters of general interest to all postgraduate students.

I look forward to seeing you on the day.

Professor Mike Neary